Don’t get lost in the information sea!

Technology evolves fast. And iOS App Development is now exception. There are constantly new releases regarding best practices, tools, APIs and all sorts of changes. Keeping up with this is time consuming and, usually, counter productive. That is why we decided to create this round-up. To help you, the iOS App Developer, to organize and decide what is worth reading and what can safely be ignored!

If you feel like we are missing some important reference, leave a comment and tell us what it is!

  • 01. Apple Resources on Swift.
  • 02. Apple Resources on iOS Libraries
  • 03. Other Resources on Swift
  • 04. Other resources on iOS Libraries
  • 05. Backend as a Service
  • 06. Everything else
The first resource every ios developer should be familiar with is Apple’s own content, guidelines and tutorials. This could save you a lot of time in the long run.

Apple Resources on Swift

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Apple Resources on iOS Libraries

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Other Resources on Swift

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Other Resources on iOS Libraries

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  • Basic UI View Animation: Fade in and Fade out, rotations and all sorts of trickery. Get started with this basic tutorial.
  • iOS Animations: Learn about prototyping iOS animations. Step-by-step tutorial.
  • UIKit Fundamentals: a free course by Udacity. Get comfortable with the most common usages of the framework.
  • Introduction to UIKit: if you’re new to the MVC (Model/View/Controller) concept, this is a great starting point.
  • Trending Github Repos: The Swift/iOS community is really active, get code samples, inspirations and much more.

Backends Alternatives

  • Firebase: Realtime Database, Authentication and Hosting.
  • Parse: Data Persistence, Push Notifications and Analytics.
  • SocketCluster: Realtime Scalable Framework and Microservice.
  • Backendless: Data Service API and Media Streaming.
  • Meteor: The Javascript app platform (plays ball with iOS apps!)
  • PubNub: Datastream for mobile & web apps. IoT features.
  • Syncano: A backend platform to build powerful real-time apps more efficiently
  • Kinvey: A secure, scalable and fully managed platform, a mobile Backend as a Service.

Everything else!

What are your favorite resources? Did we miss anything? Help us build a complete and overwhelmingly awesome list by sharing your knowledge in the comments section 🙂