Web Apps versus Native Apps

Performance, Portability, Pricing and Total time to develop. What to take into consideration when choosing Native Apps over Web Apps.

January 25th|Business, Development, Marketing|0 Comments

iOS Market Share in 2016

We know Apple still has a little over 10% Smartphone Market Share (worldwide). But what will happen in 2016?

January 4th|Business|0 Comments

How much to charge for an App

Most developers take freelance jobs at some point or another in their career. Check out a few guidelines on pricing.

December 28th|Business, Marketing|0 Comments

Distributing iOS Apps for Testing

Clients, employees, friends and family. There are a few different options and Best Practices to do that.

December 14th|Business|0 Comments

How to become an Indie Developer

From Ideation to Design. From Planning to Development, from Launch to Marketing, there are many tasks a indie developer undertakes to be successful.

November 3rd|Business|0 Comments