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Web Apps versus Native Apps

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Performance, Portability, Pricing and Total time to develop. What to take into consideration when choosing Native Apps over Web Apps.

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Tools for App Developers

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From Project Management to Programming, from Database Management to UI Design, there are many options to help you along the way.

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App Design

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Designing Apps is simultaneously very interesting and challenging. From Colors to Typography there are many things we should take into consideration.

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iOS Market Share in 2016

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We know Apple still has a little over 10% Smartphone Market Share (worldwide). But what will happen in 2016?

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How much to charge for an App

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Most developers take freelance jobs at some point or another in their career. Check out a few guidelines on pricing.

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iOS App Icons

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The Visual Presentation of your app makes a huge difference in your App Store performance, get some clever tips right here!