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Distributing iOS Apps for Testing

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Clients, employees, friends and family. There are a few different options and Best Practices to do that.

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Swift is Open Source

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Public Repository hosted on GitHub, dedicated website and support for Linux. Find out more about why this matters.

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What’s New in Swift 2.0

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Error Handling Mode, Protocol Extensions and much more. Find out what the buzz is all about.

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App Store Optimization Cheat Sheet

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The mightiest and greatest round-up of resources for App Store Optimization. One Cheat Sheet to rule them all!

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App Store Optimization Guide

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Finally a guide to show us the Best Practices in this market. Get better rankings and more downloads. Work smarter not harder.

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Mobile Apps Marketing

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You designed. You coded. You shipped. Time to relax, right? Unfortunately no. Marketing your Mobile app is as important as any other task.